Normal, but not ordinary

Good to know: you are not alone. Almost everyone loses their footing at some point in their lives. A divorce, being bullied, the loss of a child, and accident, dismissal, illness, disappointment in people around you, or other trauma. Every experience that you have experienced or still experience as shocking, life threatening and/or intensely overwhelming can evoke deep fear, powerlessness or repulsion. This is normal, but don’t let it become normal. Allow yourself a better life and take the step now. Every percent improvement means a huge improvement in your quality of life. It sounds trite but true: you only live once. And the happier, more relaxed and stronger you feel, the more you can enjoy each day and pass this on to other

Niki Beelen, therapist

Helping you to feel better

Together we work on a more pleasant and healthier life. In which you get up in the morning without stress. Gain better control over difficult situations. Build relationships in a good way, but also in a good way to break. Learn to look at traumatic experiences and memories from a different perspective and especially learn to feel them.

I can help you with this

Individual Therapy

Everything starts with personal attention…

PTSD program

Are you going through a hard time now because of PTSD? Audiris offers you a package to support you in reducing or ending PTSD symptoms…


Do you know the difference between time out, saying stop and pushing away?