PTSD program

Are you going through a hard time now because of PTSD? Audiris offers you a package to support you in reducing or ending PTSD symptoms.

Regulation phase
During the regulation phase you learn how to regulate the system, build up your boundaries and do reality testing. You will (re) discover your resources. On a weekly base you will get:

  • 2 sessions of three quarters of an hour,
  • 1 phone call of 15 minutes
  • Possibility to send apps 7 days a week for short questions or regulation advise
  • Extra sessions possible also during the weekend

Making the trauma line
In this phase you learn to work with the strength of the shock experience. You will also learn to recognize and work with the difference between instinct, emotion and feelings. The interval between the sessions and the duration of the sessions are tuned on your need and wishes.

Going into the core
During this last phase you go into the core of your PTSD and grow from it. The interval between the sessions and duration of the sessions are tuned on your need and wishes

  • Regulation phase per week: € 200*
  • Regulation phase 4 weeks: € 750*
  • Other phases: € 150 per hour*
  • 10% discount for NSTI students

* Audiris has a cooperation with the NSTI-Neurosomatische Traumaintagration Institute in Switserland. (

All payments in advance. Extra sessions also during the weekend € 150 per hour. Cancellation is only possible when agreed upon at least 48 hours before the session and only for single sessions.

Niki Beelen, therapeut