Gepubliceerd op: 10 March 2022

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The power of our will

Between the age of two and four, we develop our will. This beautiful phase is not always easy for parents. “She is getting her own will”. In one of my previous blogs “the power of autonomy” I wrote something about this structure. Often I meet people with an unbalanced will structure. They self-sacrifice or are judgemental to others. When you recognize yourself, I invite you to read this blog and come into contact with the powerfull will.

In this age we can lift ten times our own weight. This gives us an immense powerful feeling. We experiment of having two emotions simultaneously and how to regulate. Our diaphragm is an important muscle that helps us.

We learn to distinguish. We learn to balance between acting from ourself or for the benefit of others. We learn to know the difference between “good” and “bad”. We learn that our action has consequences.

We also experiment with roles. For example when you catch your child walking in your shoes. We are getting conscious of time and thus we are able to plan and execute our plans.

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