Gepubliceerd op: 18 September 2020

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The power of autonomy

Between 8 months and two and a half years we develop our autonomy. We learn to separate from our parents, especially our mother. We crawl away and look back every now and then. If it suits us, we’ll come back. No one is in control of us! We follow every impulse that leads us to all the beautiful things the world has to offer.

One development step further, we develop our will. We can lift our weight tenfold. We are proud of ourselves, how strong we are. Look mama, what I can lift! We develop our control.

Often one of these two stages of development becomes our preference in survival. Do we like to forget things easily or do we try to check?

What I often encounter in my practice is that therapy focuses on developing the will structure. The wonderful treasures of autonomy are undervalued to say the least. How wonderful if the power of autonomy can be deployed and utilized to achieve balance.

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